Control Zoom Player with your Android device as remote. Uses the TCP interface of Zoom Player.


  • Standard play controls
  • Volume control
  • Seekbar for time
  • Playlist with drag and drop
  • Detailed playtime information
  • Change audio and subtitle tracks
  • Adjust aspect ratio
  • Toggle fullscreen view
  • Resync subtitles

How to use:

Enable the TCP control in the system settings in the options of your Zoom Player.
The default port is 4769, you can change it if you want to.

  1. Right mouse click -> [Options/Setup]
  2. Switch to "Advanced Mode"
  3. In the settings tree choose [System & Files]
  4. There is an option called "Enable External TCP Control (port)". This has to be enabled.

Now you are ready to use ZPRemote.

Start ZPRemote and use the button for adding a new device. You can add more devices later by using the menu button. Enter the IP address or host name of the machine that runs Zoom Player. After adding a device, click it to go to the remote control view.

At the bottom of the screen, there are buttons for controlling Zoom Player. The lower buttons are standard playback controls. The upper buttons allow the following features: Toggle subtitles, toggle aspect ratio, set bookmark, refresh playlist, toggle fullscreen.

If you long click the upper buttons, they have a secondary function: Toggle audio track, default aspect ratio, save bookmarks, refresh playlist duration. The lower buttons also have secondary functions for long clicks: The play button advances a frame, while the buttons for seeking and skipping have different steps according to your Zoom Player settings.

In the center, the playlist is displayed. Click an item to play it and perform a long click to remove an item. You can change the order by dragging items with the icons on the right. The seekbar displays shows the position in the current file relative to the playtime, which is also displayed. Click it to change the position in the current file. At the top, the total play time information for the entire playlist is displayed.


ZPRemote supports two different alternatives for navigation.First, you can use Zoom Player's internal navigator interface by using navigation buttons provided in ZPRemote. Hold down the button for toggling fullscreen for a moment. Instead of the playlist, you get buttons for using the navigator.

Alternatively, you can enable the ZPRemote's internal file navigation by enabling it in the preferences. The fullscreen button will be replaced with a button for opening the internal file navigator. This feature requires a small utility, since Zoom Player does not allow browsing of files via TCP. If the utility is running, you can see files and add them to the end of the playlist by clicking them.